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People who are able to do these 5 things after 60 years old show good physical health and lead long lives.

Good Memory

A healthy body is also positively linked to memory. For example, the hippocampus in the brain is an important area that improves memory ability. The size of this area is closely related to the overall quality of the body.

Therefore, physically healthy people will also be able to improve the hippocampus in their brain. This facilitates memory retention. Therefore, if people over 60 years old still have the ability to remember things well, this may show that their physical health is still quite good.

Flexible Body

In old age, the level of calcium in the body drops seriously, causing bones to gradually degenerate. This causes many people to have a less flexible body and more painful limbs than when they were young. Therefore, if after the age of 60, their limbs are still healthy and flexible, it proves that their physical strength is still very good.

The ability of people after age 60 to maintain strong bones may be related to physical fitness, lifestyle and genetic factors. Those with good physical health often have a stronger immune system and metabolism, which can help them fight diseases and maintain better health.

In addition, a good lifestyle can also help people maintain bone health. For example, men can properly supplement nutrients such as protein and calcium, while maintaining proper exercise and rest, which can help promote bone health.

Regular Defecation

Smooth bowel movements do not necessarily mean good physical fitness. However, good bowel movements and regular bowel movements are also a positive sign that your body is still healthy. Elderly people’s digestive function becomes weaker and weaker, and the speed of gastrointestinal motility becomes slower and slower.

Eating foods that are difficult to digest will easily cause abdominal discomfort. However, if a person still defecates regularly and regularly after the age of 60, and keeps the habit of going to the toilet first thing after waking up in the morning, then this person’s physical condition is still quite good.

Eat Well

Appetite is one of the important indicators of good health. If a person over 60 years old still retains a good appetite, it means they are in good physical shape.

Because with age, the body’s metabolism will gradually slow down, and physical strength will also gradually decline. Appetite is one of the important signs of health, which can reflect the body’s normal metabolism, digestion and absorption ability. For men, maintaining a good appetite after age 60 shows that their physical health is better than that of others.

For people over 60 years old, if they can avoid picky eaters, it means their eating habits are relatively healthy and can effectively ensure the nutrients needed by the body. .

Sleep Well

People over 60 years old can still sleep well, which can indicate good physical fitness. Sleep quality is one of the important indicators to measure the body’s physical health. Getting enough sleep can help people stay energized and boost their immunity, which in turn can help prevent various health problems.

However, with age and the impact of living habits, sleep quality will gradually decrease. Therefore, if we want to maintain adequate sleep, we should improve our diet and exercise more diligently.