People Want Gordon Ramsay To Play Angry Chef Louis In Live Action Little Mermaid

People Want Gordon Ramsay To Play Angry Chef Louis In Live Action Little Mermaid

“A chef who loves food but has a fiery temper and destroys the kitchen if there is something wrong.” I could easily talk about Chief Louis or Gordon Ramsay of La Petite Mermaid, so it’s easy to understand. why fans want the British leader to play the character.

Last week, Disney announced that Halle Bailey, aged 19, was presented as an actress Ariel in the lively remake of the animated film, and since then, fans have wondered who could join the beloved characters. to wake up.

According to rumors, Melissa McCarthy would play the role of the witch of the sea, Ursula. Many people have asked Idris Elba to play King Triton. ,

The Little Mermaid

Although the cast remains largely a mystery, many fans agree that Ramsay is certainly the only man to hold this position when it comes to Chief Louis.

In the 1989 film, the hard-headed chef has a French accent and shows his love of cooking as he sings and dances in the kitchen, even if it does not go at all when the lobster Sebastian escapes his pot .

Although Ramsay is not a Frenchman, his professional career in cooking undoubtedly qualifies him for this role – and he has been working in France for some time when he was younger, so he may be able to emulate ‘accent! Of course, his habit of getting angry in the kitchen is only a random bonus.

Gordon Ramsay

It is unlikely that the 52-year-old had ever had to chase a frightening lobster around his stove, but he certainly threw enough ingredients, plates and pans in his day. I think the role goes like a glove.

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A Twitter user launched this idea over the weekend and since then some people have expressed support for the proposal.

The chef does not seem to have responded to requests, but he may be considering another culinary journey with Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix.

Let’s hope he finds the time between cooking and traveling to play Chef Louis – the world needs it!