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Only man with true love with you doesn’t hesitate doing these things. Stick to him!

Most men are not that “skilled” in expressing their emotions through words. Instead, they show how they feel with random acts and deeds. Majority of men were thought to be strong in order to be able to protect their loved ones. This is why they find it hard to show vulnerability, however that is not impossible especially if they have already found the woman they love.

These are some things that only man with true love with you doesn’t hesitate doing

1. He respects and love you for who you are

Nowadays, we are surrounded by superficial beauty which leads to superficial relationships. However, a man who is truly in love does not love his woman only because of her outer beauty. Besides her virtues he also loves her flaws as well. He always respects the choices and decisions.

2. He is patient and not rude.

A man who truly loves you would be patient and gentle despite you being annoying sometimes. Let us admit that women are so unpredictable and emotional. Sometimes, we become so whiny and noisy. However, if a man truly loves you, he would understand your moments and keep himself from being rude to you. He does his best to remain a gentleman even in your tantrums.

3. He listens and remembers

When you are talking about something, he will leave what he is doing and will listen to you even if you are talking nuisance. He pays attention and remembers the small things you said him about you and the things you love.

4. He is humble.

In connection to being patient and gentle, a man who loves you will keep his pride down. Love would make him selfless to the point of being humble when you are at the peak of your pride. When in a conflict, even if it is not his fault, he would choose to be the one to say sorry just to patch things up. His fear of losing you is greater than his desire to prove he is right.

5. He can feel your pain

If you are hurting, then he is hurting as well. It is like he can physically feel your pain. When a man loves a woman truly, he always wants to protect her and when she is in pain, it’s like they failed in doing so. They can’t see the one they love in pain.

6. He protects.

Do not be annoyed if your boyfriend does not want you to wear too revealing clothes. He knows how the male mind works, so he just wants to keep you from being the center of men’s lust. It is not jealousy. He simply does not want anyone disrespecting or thinking hateful thoughts toward you. Also, do not take for granted his effort to take you home every night. Do not say it is his duty as a boyfriend. He could actually make excuses not to show up at your office.

7. He will try to be a better person for you

Love can make even the sloppiest of guys attempt to get their act together. It’s not that he wants to flatter you with some false impression of himself. It’s just that he wants to be a better person for you because he knows you deserve it.

8. He values your opinion and decisions

Your opinions and decisions on all small and big things matter to him. He doesn’t want to make you feel that you are not important to him.

9. He goes out of his way

If you need him he will always manage to find time for you and help you. A man who loves you will never leave you when you need him the most.

10. He’ll go out of the way for you

If you need him, he will stop what he is doing and go out of his way to help you. It doesn’t matter if he has to travel an hour to see you, he will do it. You are important to him, so he will find a way to make it happen.

11. He isn’t insecure

When a man is secure in his relationship, he won’t have any problem with you hanging out with your friends. He is not clingy and demanding of your time. He understands you are busy and have a life of your own.

12. Other signs:

– Your man will cook you breakfast in bed on days when you don’t feel like getting up or when you are not well or sometimes just to show his love for you.
– Your man, when he is truly in love with you will ask you about your day and genuinely listen.
– He’ll get you something, or do something thoughtful that shows he pays attention to the little things you say.
– He will surprise you with something little to show how much he thinks about you all the time.
– A man will casually bring up his girl while having a conversation with his parents when he truly loves her. He wants them to know and like her.

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