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One day for a MOTHER is equivalent to TWO days of work for a DAD!

One day for a MOTHER is equivalent to TWO days of work for a DAD!

A mother works twice as hard as anyone else!

American mothers work an average of about 14 hours a day, and a total of 98 hours a week; which is equivalent to 14 hours, two days of a normal worker or daddy at work, which is usually 8 hours a day!

Mothers are the ones who have the least hours off, or days off, as these even on weekends are still linked to their work.

So how can we manage to accomplish so many other things that are still required of us? How: all the work around the house, studies, employment, profession, going out with friends. We can only accomplish all these assignments if Dad, who only works 8 hours a day, works overtime when he gets home, right?

Here at my house, my day off is already on Saturdays, either in the morning or in the afternoon. Some hours on Saturday are mine alone, I decide what I want to do with them, without having to worry about how my daughter will be.

To keep our house and family in order, we all need to work, and this study is one more proof that we mothers work twice as hard!

Another sample of everything we do daily to make these beings so small and helpless survive, without falling into a ditch, or cutting themselves with knives, and even drowning with something in their mouths! Alas, if we defocus for even a second of this mothering assignment, the consequences can be very serious!

Ahhh! Aside from the fact that we have one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and amazingly, we can’t stress out in it, no way, it’s forbidden for us to scream, or freak out, or even run away! All this is forbidden to us, because we need and must protect our greatest asset, our product, raw material under construction!

For those, I hope few, who still think a mother’s job is easy, simple, and easy, and who still wonder:

What is she doing indoors all day? I invite you, to switch roles with a mother, try to do all the things she can do for just one week, and welcome to the most tiring, enduring, and important work on the face of the earth!