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Not Getting What You Want

10 Quotes From The Dalai Lama That Will Change The Way You Think About Life


These are some of our favorite Dalai Lama quotes!

1. The ultimate source of my mental happiness is my peace of mind. Nothing can destroy this except my own anger.2. Only an enemy gives us the opportunity to practice patience.
3. There are always extremes, but the middle is the proper way.
4. Much depends on our own attitude.
5. Good conduct is the way in which life becomes more meaningful, more constructive, and more peaceful.
6. Some suffering can be a good lesson for life.
7. Compassion is the most wonderful and precious thing.
8. The only option is to live and work together harmoniously and keep in our minds the interest of the whole of humanity. That is the only outlook and way we must adopt for our survival.
9. True friendship develops on the basis of human affection, not money or power.
10. I consider hatred to be the ultimate enemy.