Not Every Friend Request Is A Friend Request

5 ways to recognize real and false friends

People come and go for a variety of reasons. Some become friends for life, others remain acquaintances.

Some will only be “co-workers”, while others will be your friends outside of work. Some will improve our lives and others make us feel hurt and deceived.

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a true friend from a poison until it is too late and you end up having a terrible experience.

How can you tell the difference as soon as possible? Here are 5 ways to tell the difference between a real friend and a toxic friend.

1. They keep in touch

False friends only call you when they need something or want something.

True friends will contact you anytime, anywhere because they are really interested in what’s going on in your life. You call to tell you a funny story that just happened or to share an exciting experience.

They call because they only want to hear your voice. If you only hear from someone who wants something from you, it is a sure sign that he is not a true friend and he only uses you.

2. They keep your secrets

A true friend would never betray you by telling your secrets to someone. False friends will treat your secrets as if they were not sacred.

Immediately after promising they would say nothing to a soul, they will tell it to anyone they know. A true friend appreciates your trust and tells no one the secret that you have entrusted to him.

3. They make time for you

It does not matter if they only have an hour between their work and their yoga class, a real friend will talk to you every time you call.

Even if the day was hectic, a real friend lets you have a drink when he needs to talk.

They love you and want to spend time with you. So, take your time, no matter how busy your life is.

4. You don’t have to impress them

It does not matter if your house is messy or if you are in a mess. You know that with a true friend, you can be your true self.

If you have to clean your house, put on nice clothes and makeup to avoid angry remarks or disapproving looks, this person is not a true friend.

5. They always support you

A real best friend will encourage you with everything you try!

Whether you choose an art class, have no artistic skills, or change careers, a true friend will be present at every step.

And if you fail, a true friend will help you build first.

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