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No matter how many great things a woman does for the man she loves, if she ignores these small things, she will never be able to keep their heart for the rest of her life.

When in love, women are willing to sacrifice everything for their man. They can even do things beyond their strength and ability for that person. But sometimes women don’t know that their partner just wants very simple things.

What they need is a wife who understands her husband’s heart. So many people complain that even though they have beauty and live their lives for their husband, they are still betrayed. This question seems to have no answer or some people explain it to be because men are greedy, having one but wanting two. The truth is that it is not because men are greedy, but because women do not meet their husband’s expectations.

Not sympathetic to her husband’s passion and ambition

For men, the thing that scares them the most is not that their wife doesn’t love them wholeheartedly, but that they don’t have their trust. Men’s egos are always very big, they always want to assert their bravery and abilities, especially with their wives.

So when his wife doubts him and does not trust his husband’s abilities, men will become self-conscious and pressured. Gradually, they will no longer be open to wanting to come to you to share and confide. Of course, from then on there will be a gap between husband and wife.

Compare your husband to other men

Disagreements and conflicts between husband and wife are also normal, but women are absolutely never allowed to compare their husbands with any other man.

There are women who often cannot control their emotions when they are angry. When they are dissatisfied with their husbands because of something, they compare their husbands with other people with catchphrases like: “Look at that other person’s husband…”, or “If only I had a part like that”. These words are considered a destructive poison, burning down your marriage.

In the story of a husband and wife, the name of a third person always appears

Women in love are often jealous. This is obvious because it is a general rule of human emotions. No matter how strong and brave her heart is, if she sees the man she loves glancing at someone else, she certainly won’t be able to sit still.

However, if women are jealous, they must also train themselves to be jealous intelligently. Don’t think that by tightly managing your husband’s phone, computer, or travel route, you can keep your man.