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Never use your phone in a toilet. Here’s why

There is always a feeling that the toilet has more network than other parts of the room. People always feel the urge to use their smart phones in the toilets and spend more hours in the toilet seat than usual. There has been recent findings that sitting and spending longer time on the toilet pose potential health risk which we’re going to look at in this article

Being carried way when scrolling your Instagram page or checking emails while you take a poo on your toilet results in prolonged sitting can cause you hemorrhoids also known as pile. According to Dr RP Venkata Krishnan, senior consultant (Internal Medicine) at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon, most of us take our phones to the toilet to avoid missing out on important texts, mails, or calls. He adds that our day starts with checking our mails, texts, and social media accounts, and we don’t want to miss out on that for even a single minute.

Well, we are playing with our health. How? Dr Krishnan has listed eight hazards that are caused by using your phone in the loo.

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1. It can lead to UTI

If you take your cell phone to the toilet, there are chances that your phone gets covered in germs. There are germs everywhere in your loo, be it your toilet seat, paper roll or even the door knob. So, you can get diarrhea, intestinal illnesses, and urinary tract infections etc.

2. Your mobile can become a carrier of germs

Also, when you get out of the washroom, your mobile carries the germs and that can be passed on to others, whether it’s at home or work. If you put your phone somewhere or show something to someone, and boom! You carry forward the germs.

3. It can make you constipated

This can also cause constipation, as your body becomes accustomed to working with a very long and unnatural timeframe in the bathroom.

4. Using mobile in the toilet can disrupt your poop

Using your phone in the toilet can meddle with your body response to stools. You should not sit in the toilet for more than 10 minutes, but with a cell phone in your hand, the time can extend to 20-30 minutes, which can create problems in your pooping process.

5. It can stress you

Your time in the toilet is sometimes the only time when you take a break from your work and busy life. When you take your phone with you, you miss giving a break to your brain. You are always consuming information, and that can stress you.

6. It can lead to hemorrhoids

Also, your casual 30-minute time in the washroom can lead to hemorrhoids, as the body gets confused and becomes accustomed to long sessions in the bathroom. Hemorrhoids are basically inflamed veins near your anal area that can bleed, and can feel super itchy and painful.

7. You end up wasting time

Most of us think that we save our time by taking the phone to the washroom, but it is actually a waste of time. What can be done in five minutes takes more time to do. Also, if you take five minutes to pee or poop, you take much longer when you have your phone with you.

8. You might lose your phone and all the important information

If you take your mobile to the loo, then you can’t deny the chances of it getting dropped in the pot. And if it does, then you can lose access to important calls, texts, emails, saved information, etc. as your phone will be d=e=a=d.

So ladies, a loo break is a must, but give a break to your phone.

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