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Never store these foods in the freezer. No.1 every family makes mistake

We all want to reduce food waste, which is why we are happy that we can always rely on the freezer to preserve excess food.

Unfortunately, some things are not made to survive freezer temperatures. In this article, you will find a list of foods you should never store in the freezer.

1. Whole, raw eggs

You might have chickens who are laying more eggs than your family can handle, or you might find a good deal of eggs at the store and might be tempted to buy them in bulk or in whatever way you got it. If you are considering keeping whole, raw eggs to make them last longer, do not put them in the freezer.

Whole, raw eggs will expand in the freezer. This will cause the shell to crack. The best way to preserve eggs is to remove the shell from the raw eggs and whisk the yolks and whites together thoroughly. Then, pour the eggs into a tightly-sealed freezer container.

2. Cheese

Cheese doesn’t freeze that bad, but it will probably lose its texture. It becomes crumbly and instead of it being easy to slice, the entire block of cheese will fall apart. If you just want to slice a simple piece of cheese to put on your bread, that’s not the result you’re aiming for. This doesn’t just go for Gouda-type cheeses, but also for French cheeses like camembert and brie. Moral of the story: don’t freeze cheese.

3. Rice

Maybe you already know that the taste of rice doesn’t exactly improve if you store it in the fridge, which might have made you think the freezer is a better place to store it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case either. Storing rice in the freezer will only cause it to change into a tasteless, mushy mess as soon as it’s defrosted again. The best thing to do is eat the rice right after you’ve cooked it.

4. Fully cooked pasta or other starch grains

Freezing rice or pasta is never a good idea. Once pasta or other starch grains are fully cooked, they cannot withstand much more heat, and you will always need heat to revive frozen pasta.

The heat required for frozen pasta is too much. The result will be a mess that bears no resemblance to the dinner you were dreaming of.

5. Potatoes

Potatoes don’t need a lot of looking after, but putting them in the freezer is bound to bring you disappointment. Uncooked potatoes will take on a grainy consistency when frozen, which makes them pretty much inedible to anyone who likes a good, tasty potato. Just store them in a dark cupboard.