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Never Prαy For These 5 Things. You Will Have To Pay The Price

Never Prαy For These 5 Things. You Will Have To Pay The Price

1. Do Not Pray For Judgement or Curse Others

When we feel angry, painful or hateful, we tend to want God to judge and avenge us. But that does not give us a legal right to curse or pray for judgment on a person, or people. This also includes praying for someone to die.

A prime example is when Jesus rebuked the disciples….

And all of Romans 12 is a great read and discusses the stance we should take…

It still can be hard when you have been hurt. I know this first hand. But we have to remind ourselves that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. – Ephesians

When we come to God in prayer we should pray for and bless those who hurt us. And remember all vengeance belongs to the Lord (Romans 12:19).

2. Do Not Give God Ultimatums

Never manipulate or try to twist God’s arm by giving Him an ultimatum. We are to come to God humbly giving our request. We should never demand God of things to tell Him “If you don’t do this God…I will fill in the gap”

We will go deeper into this in #4 when we see in Ecclesiastes 5:2 to not be rash with our mouth before God.

3. Do Not Make Vows Hastily or Ones You Can’t Keep

We should be careful not to make them in haste or make foolish vows. Yes, God will forgive us if we repent. But we should try to be wise and avoid these kinds of mistakes. Jephthah’s story is a classic tale of a foolish promise made to God. (Read It Here: Judges 11)

4. Do Not Pray To Have Someone Else’s Spouse

Although this may sound a little weird, I have seen pastors who get random letter from Christian ladies saying things like this…“I know God has called us to be together and that you married the wrong person. I’m praying you leave her and we can finally be together.”

If you’re coveting someone else’s spouse and praying for you to be with them…. that is a sin and you need to repent. Plain and simple. You should pray that someone get divorce or that they leave their spouse.

God’s word is clear…He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) and…

5. Don’t Pray Just Your Will

Throughout the New Testament, we see the prayers of Jesus and the apostles teach us to pray the Lord’s will to be done. We see this in the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) and Jesus gives the example of this in His prayer in the garden.

It can be easy to focus on all the things we want in our life and bring these requests before God. But we should also be seeking and praying for the Lord’s will and desire for our lives. This doesn’t mean we don’t give our request before God.

It means we shouldn’t just pray our will. Deep down we should want the Lord’s will over our owns.

Reference: https://thinkaboutsuchthings.com/things-you-should-not-pray/