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Never Compare Yourself To Others. Here’s Why

Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
1. Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy
Everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. It can be hard to find your way in this world, especially when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others.

Being envious of other people’s lives can and comparing yourself to them can make you feel like you’re missing out on something. It can steal your joy and happiness .

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to people who have what you want, then you’re missing out on living your own life.

2. You Will Never Be Them

No matter how hard you try or how much you wish it were true, you can’t be anyone else but yourself.

So, stop Comparing yourself with others.

3. You’ll Always Find Someone Better Than You

There’s always someone who has a better job than you or makes more money than you do or has a better body than you do.

You’ll never win this game because there will always be someone better than you out there somewhere.

4. Comparing Yourself To Others Takes Away From Your Own Achievements

When we do this, we tend to forget about all of our own accomplishments and successes that make us unique individuals.

Comparison keeps you from feeling gratitude for what you have now because it makes you focus on what others have instead (this is especially true when it comes to social media).

We need to celebrate these things instead of putting them down by comparing ourselves with others.

5. Comparison Can Lead To A Distorted Sense Of Reality

When we compare ourselves to others, we often end up feeling like we aren’t good enough and that we aren’t enough in general. This can make us feel dissatisfied with ourselves and our lives, which can lead to depression or anxiety.

It can also make us feel like we’re not deserving of success, happiness, or anything else good that comes our way because it’s not “enough” for us compared to other people.

6. Comparison Will Stall Your Progress

Comparison is one of the biggest enemies to success. It can hold you back and prevent you from achieving your goals. The reason for this is that when you compare yourself to other people, it makes it easy for you to feel like you’re not as good as them.

7. Comparison Is A Waste Of Time

This is because the person who you compare yourself with might be in a totally different stage of life than you are. They might have been born into a wealthy family or they might have had an easy ride through school (or both).

The point is, they’re not in the same place as you are right now so there’s no point in comparing yourself to them.

8. It Doesn’t Actually Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Comparison causes you to lose motivation because it makes goals seem unattainable.

It stops people from reaching their full potential because they’re too busy comparing themselves to others instead of focusing on their own goals.

9. Depression And Anxiety

Comparison can lead to depression and anxiety if you’re constantly feeling like a failure compared to others’ successes on social media.

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, chances are you’re going to feel bad about yourself. And it’s possible that over time, this will lead to depression or anxiety.