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Mum of Two Quits Her Uber Driver Job To Care For 88-YO Man She Met During Ride

A mother of two named Jenni did the unthinkable when dumping her full-time as a Uber driver to devote her time to caring for an obroni man she met during a ride.

Jenni, who is currently pursuing her doctorate degree, decided that between her full-time job and caring for an old man, she chose the second. She surprisingly quit her Uber driving job which put food on her table to serve as a caregiver for an old man she met during a ride.

According to the National Desk, Jenni had moved to the US from Ethiopia 20 years ago while she was fending for herself and kids with the commercial ride job.

She had migrated from Ethiopia 20 years ago to the US Photo Credit: The National Desk Source: UGC

Inside the lonely life of the old man she is to care for

Paul Webb, 88 lives a lonely life in his Ohio, US home since the de*mise of his wife. He suffers a medical condition called dementia.

His son Keith explained: “(He) worked at Battelle for 65 years. He was steady. He was the rock of the family. And that rock began to crumble”

How Jenni became Paul’s caregiver

Narrating how she met Paul, Jenni said Paul had called in for a ride one certain day. She shared she knew she would be Paul’s caregiver the moment his voice came on at the other end of the phone.

Describing her weird decision, Jenni said she likes it because it was something she couldn’t do for her dad before emigrating to the US . The mum-of-two added that it was also to help him change his last days on earth. “A lot of people with a lot of wisdom, they are dying at home alone so the rewarding part is changing his life. Changing his last days. He’s 88. You don’t deserve to be alone,”, she said.

It is not clear if Jenni would be paid for the services because no specifics were made in that regard but Jenni’s gesture has been described by Paul’s children Keith and Melanie as mind-blowing.

Source: Local12, Yen.com.gh