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Mother Breaks Out Into Tears When Her Son Says To A Stranger “I Love You Daddy.”

Sometimes a warm hug or kind words is all a person wants. We have no idea what an individual must be going through but being kind or smiling can make anyone’s day good. So always be nice since like a pebble in a lake, every good action has a ripple effect that grows until you have a whole movement of people committing acts of kindness.

“The owner is a family friend and asked me if I could cover because they were short on staff. So, I think this counts on TFR. This takes place in a small convenience store.

There wasn’t much to do so I decided to walk around maybe reorganized misplaced items when suddenly a kid (maybe 3-4 years old) held my hand. I kind of look around to see if someone lost their kid and then I see a young lady gave me a “go on” gesture. I’m a bit confused as to what she wants me to do but whatever I was bored and this kid looked cooler than my friends. So I asked if he liked candy and asked which one he liked. He didn’t say anything and just pointed to some gummy worms.

Me: That’s cool. Me too! I like the sour ones because I can make this face. sour face

This made the kid laugh.

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Boy: I love you daddy hugs me

To be honest, I freaked out a bit and thought this kid couldn’t possibly be mine as I looked over to the young lady she started tearing up.

Me: I love you too, son

The boy ran back to the lady. The lady walks up to me and hugs me.

Lady: I’m so sorry for that, my husband just passed away 2 days ago. This is the first time I saw him talk since that day.

Me: I’m sorry for your loss.

Lady: Thank you.

They proceeded to leave. The boy is waving his gummy worms at me and I do the sour face and he does the same.”

Source: Reddit