Mother Aged 98 Moves Into Care Home to Look After Her 80 Year Old Son

The bond between a mother and a child is unbreakable and there is nothing as strong and as beautiful as it is. The following story will definitely make you believe more in this if you are still skeptical. It is about Ada Keating, 98-year-old woman who wanted to take care of her eldest son Tom who is 80 years old. He is staying in a care home in Liverpool.

Ada was working as a nurse and she had four children with her dead husband, Harry. The youngest of her four children died at the age of 13. Because of this, Tom decided not to get married and stayed at his mother’s house in Wavertree, Liverpool. Tom worked as a painter and decorator for a construction company.

After retiring, his condition deteriorated and he was sent to a retirement home. Although her mother is 18 years old, she did not think of living with her son to take care of him in the retirement home.

She accompanied him and has since looked after him. The bond between this mother and her son is so strong that they can never separate, regardless of their age.

“I say goodbye to Tom in his room every night and I say hello, I’ll tell him I’m going down for breakfast, if I go to the hairdresser he’ll pick me up when I get back. comes to me with outstretched arms and hugs me. “- Ada said.

Tom is happy because it’s okay. Phillip Daniels, administrator of the retirement home, said:

“It’s very touching to see how close Tom’s and Ada’s relationships are, and we’re so happy to be able to meet both of those needs.It’s very rare to see mothers and their children together in the same nursing home. we absolutely want their time together to be as special as possible. “Retirement home director Phillip Daniels.

They are regularly visited by their family. Ada’s granddaughter assured us that both are constantly being cared for and never separate.

We hope this story has touched even the most restricted people. You should always know that a mother will not do anything for her child, no matter how old she is. This story certainly deserves to be appreciated and the mother deserves all the praise.