Moral Stories 10: The TIP, Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have

A poor young waiter was working.

When a wealthy old man come into the resturant.

The waiter spent a lot of effort to recommend the best food and drink the restuarant had to offer,hoping this would earn him a big tip.

But in the end the richman ordered only a sandwich and lemonade.

Knowing that a samal bill meant a small tip, the waiter walked away some what disappointed.

After finishing his food the rich man asked for the check.

when the young waiter came,the rich man noticed there was sadness in this eyes He asked?

Is everything okay,son?

Are you having a hard day?

I am having a hard life.sir the waiter replied.

Then the waiter continued his job. not anything. when he returned to the table of the rich man and found a tip of $10.000.

The waiter ran to catch the wealthy man.

Just as he was getting into his car.

He asked? Why did you do this?the olad man replied, when I was your age,I struggled in restaurants like these .

A wealthy man once gave me such a tio that it paid for my college tuition.

I hope that,this money will help you as it had me ”The young man was speechless and in tears.sir you’ve just paid for my mother’s cancer treatment…”

(Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.)

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