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Mom Suspicious Of Husband After Hiring Babysitter Installs Nanny Camera And Learns The Truth In 4 Days

In a 2021 post, Reddit user @u/throwaway56997 revealed how she caught her husband cheating months after suspecting him. The 31-year-old Original Poster (OP) installed a camera that captured her 34-year-old-husband making 0ut with their 17-year-old babysitter.

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To start the post, the OP explained that she had nursed suspicions about her husband for about four months since she hired a 17-year-old babysitter to care for her 3-year-old daughter. She revealed that she worked full-time as a nurse while her husband worked three nights a week and slept in during the day.

After months of worrying about the possibility of her husband cheating, the OP installed a camera to confirm her suspicions.

“I felt I was going crazy because something was off and he refused to ease my mind and answer questions I had – so I put a camera in the living room and saw nothing til day 4 where he and the babysitter were making out on the couch behind my daughter’s back while she was watching tv,” she wrote.

As with anyone who had just found out their husband was cheating, the OP was overwhelmed with an array of emotions.

“I felt all kinds of negative feelings including guilt even though I just wanted to keep my job when he complained about me pushing him to the side,” she wrote.

Her husband was remorseful when she confronted him, but the OP revealed that she left with her daughter to stay at her mom’s house. She revealed that he was still remorseful one month after he was caught, even accusing the babysitter of initiating the romance between them.

While the OP felt like she was done with the marriage, her husband succeeded in making her feel guilty, blaming his actions on the OP for not dressing up and paying him enough attention. She ended the post by stating that she was confused about how to handle the situation as her husband was pleading for a second chance.

“He’s begging for a second chance and his family are defending him against me,” she wrote.

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Other Redditors took to the comment section to drop their opinion on the OP’s post. While many encouraged her to leave the marriage, others castigated her husband for having an affair with a minor.

“Hope you kept the video. If he plays tough during divorce proceedings, that video can always be brought up in front of a judge,” one user commented.

“The babysitter seduced him? And poor old him just couldn’t resist could he. He took advantage of a 17 year old girl, made you feel like shit for working full time vs his 3 days and literally put the blame for it on a teenager in your employ. Do what’s best for YOU and your daughter, not a cheating piece of sh*t,” commented another.

“He complained about your job, you were pushing him to the side yet the babysitter seduced him. He’s a selfish a** who tried to get it somewhere else when you were busy. He got caught and tried to blame a 17 year old minor….with your child in the room no less. Every marriage is different and you have a child so you obviously will have to talk it out…but personally, I’d be done,” opined another user.

“That’s genuinely disgusting and I wouldn’t trust him with my daughter or her friends ever again. This girl is still in school doing group projects studying for the SAT’s and writing college essays. 🤮 Take your evidence to divorce court & set yourself free,” yet another commented.

“Ew she’s 17?!?? I would have reported that. That’s gross. I’m sorry you’re going through this op,” another Redditor wrote.

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What do you think of the OP’s decision to install a hidden camera in her home? How do you think she should handle the situation? What would you do if you were in a similar situation?

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