Mom Shares Trick To Keeping Strawberries Fresh In The Fridge For Weeks

You know the exercise – you go shopping and you sift through all the aisles of beautiful colorful products. You throw kale in your car, then blueberries. Broccoli and peppers are on sale this week, so buy some.

Oh, and would you just take a look at these strawberries? These red and juicy berries in this container are watching you, beg you to buy them. You’re not sure what you’re going to do, but you’re also putting them in your basket.

You start thinking of everything you could do with strawberries this week. You can totally make a strawberry pie or homemade jam. Maybe some strawberries filled with cheesecake. Or you can just eat them with your eggs in the morning. There are innumerable possibilities.

Once at home, unload all your purchases and put everything in the cupboards and refrigerator. Then, throughout the week, you will be accompanied by life. The work is crazy. The children have football. They try to eat together every night, not to mention the time for homemade jams.

In fact, you have completely forgotten homemade jam and strawberries. A few days later, you will notice that the strawberries you bought were pushed to the back of the refrigerator and went bad. It works! What a waste.

Unfortunately, strawberries soon become moldy. But there is good news: a mother (busy, we assume) that she had recently kept fresh strawberries in the fridge – for weeks!

The best part? It takes very little effort, very little time and very few ingredients. And it works like a charm! This is the perfect little hack for busy bees who constantly forget the straws on the back of the fridge.

All you need is a bowl, water and white vinegar. Add your strawberries to the bowl, then cover the fruit in a serving of vinegar with water for five minutes.

Essentially, vinegar removes bacteria or mold spores (the culprits that aggravate strawberries as fast as they do) much better than just rinsing them with tap water. In the vinegar mixture, you will probably notice dirt and grime after removing the strawberries. But at least you know it works.

Once you remove the strawberries, you should let them dry as completely as possible. Otherwise, the moisture may reshape it. You can try drying them in a salad spinner or tapping them with a paper towel.

If they are dry, do not put them back in their containers. Place the dry strawberries on a paper towel and store them in the refrigerator. You will be surprised how long they stay so cute and red!

We know what you think and no, strawberries do not taste like vinegar when you eat them. You will not even have a clue! Another good news: this trick also works for other berries such as blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

For a step-by-step guide to performing this hack, see the video below.