Home Life Mom Punishes Her Son With ‘Electronics Detox’, Making “Miraculous” Transformation

Mom Punishes Her Son With ‘Electronics Detox’, Making “Miraculous” Transformation

Electronics is not inherently evil, but we need to have their limited time and place. But have you ever got to see the results of your own kids on an “electronics detox” for yourself?

Author Susannah B. Lewis shared that it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Very few people can drop wisdom as real and raw as this mama, affectionately known by fans as Whoa Susannah.

After Lewis’s 8-year-old son got in trouble, she decided to ground him from electronics indefinitely — and to her sheer horror, the response was ca*tas*trophic. When her son screamed in a furious fit of rage, the mother was disheartened to notice that he looked nothing like the sweet boy she once knew.

She shared: “It scared me to the point of tears,”. However, what happened in the days that followed was so utterly “miraculous,” Lewis just couldn’t keep quiet about it.

She said: “We are only on day 8 of no electronics, and I am so amazed at what I’ve seen that I am on fire to share it with the world,”.

Source: Facebook Whoa Susannah – Susannah B. Lewis Author 

Even 15 days into the detox when her son was allowed back on the iPad and Ps4, she explained that he had a peaceful sort of detachment from the devices he was once glued to. They little boy didn’t even throw a fit anymore when she said his screen time was up!

Lewis’ viral Facebook post has gone viral and you might just consider your own electronics detox!

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