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Mom is overjoyed when her two-month-old says, “I love you”

For any parent, hearing their child say their first words is always an amazing moment. In a heartwarming video, a devoted mother hears her 8-week-old child utter, “I love you.”

At the age of six months old, most infants can make speaking sounds that indicate their parents’ names or just objects they want, such a toy or a bottle of milk.

Hearing these words could be difficult because a newborn can make a wide range of noises and sounds, including cries, to indicate different needs.

A recent YouTube video that showed an 8-week-old baby repeating her mother’s words, “I love you,” shocked a lot of people. The latter intends to use a camera to capture the action.

The small child was happy as her mother was chatting to her about how last Christmas went, babbling encouraging noises and grinning widely.

There may be disagreements with this statement among viewers, but the mother felt that she was fortunate to have witnessed a lovely moment with her child.

Regularly giving your child encouragement and conversing with them while they look at each other helps them build their speaking and listening skills intellectually. Therefore, it is advantageous to keep in regular contact with your youngster while attending to other household duties.

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