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Mom Forces 18-Year-Old Daughter To Pay Rent To ‘Stay At Home’

A mother has received backlash for compelling her adolescent daughter to sign a lease and pay rent in order to stay at home.

One unknown mom from Oklahoma, US, uploaded a video of her daughter Jada, 18, signing documents to TikTok.

She captioned the video that “When your 18-year-old decides to stay at home”

Jada is required to pay $100 (£83) every month on board.

“Setting up for success,” text was overlaid over the video.

The song Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) is played throughout the video.

The video has gotten over 1.5 million views after being posted, but many readers have slammed the mother, with some suggesting that it might cause irreversible long-term harm to their relationship.

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“Ouch, my parents did this to me, and it just produced trauma for me,” one lady remarked. Fortunately, I earned eight figures and no longer have to suffer.”

“My parents did this, and we no longer talk!” said another. So, I guess, good luck.”

“Unless you’re saving that money to give them when they move out,” a third added. I’d want to see a job for an 18-year-old that pays enough to exist in this economy.”

Someone even suggested tthat Jada “move out of there,” while another commented that “love isn’t a condition.”

However, in an attempt to justify herself, the woman responded to her critics with a second video.

The mother of 6 remarked that she was a single mother when she was 16 and my parents didn’t put me up for success. She had to battle for all she had.

The woman went on to add that she didn’t want her children to “rely” on her and that she was just doing everything she could to prepare them for the “real world.” She added that Jada has to pay no vehicle payment, no insurance, no telephone bill. She just pay rent to stay at home.

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Jada’s rent goes towards utilities, room, food “and everything else”.

She posted her own video on her mother’s TikTok account, detailing how she struggled to understand the illness at first but eventually came around to the notion.

According to Jada, she will have to pay for her own house at some time, and her mother is “making her ready,” urging individuals not to pass judgement.

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