Military dog is separated from his beloved sergeant. Two years later, the labrador hears him calling his name

Military dog ​​is separated from his beloved sergeant. Two years later, Labrador hears what he calls his name

When a man spends five years without interruption with his dog, a rare bond of dependence and trust is created. Your dog has feelings at his side that protect him, bring him kindness and compassion.

Imagine how loyal and faithful you are in the most troubling moments of need, in the most brutal moments of your life, when you do not know every day whether you are going to die or live. It was in these circumstances that Sergeant Jason Bos clashed with his partner Cila, a military-trained K9 who had been working with him in Iraq for five years.

They conducted approximately 100 missions, including detection and detection of roadside bombs and US intelligence.
In 2012, Sergeant Jason Bos finally retired from a back injury that sent him back to the United States. But the beautiful chocolate color of Labrador was still his duty and would last for years until his retirement. Sergeant Bos did not know whether he would see Cila again or what would happen to her while she was on duty to do dangerous work for her country.

After two long years, Sergeant Bos has come a long way to recover from his back injury, but his heart has never fully recovered from the loss of his best friend. As if it were a fate, shortly after discovering that Cila, the K9 military bitch, would finally retire from service.

In collaboration with the American Humane Association and the Canine Rescue Mission, a military veterinarian transported the dog from Germany to Chicago, where Sergeant Jason Bros was waiting for him.

By the time Cila heard her voice, her attention was completely captured, unable to forget the person with whom she had spent five years as an inseparable and protective partner.

Asked about their future, Jason Bos said he would like to work with the veterans to help them resolve their relocation issues. And Cila will be delighted to take her place as a family pet in her Michigan home.

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