Microwaved eggs explode in woman’s face leaving her with h.o.r.r.if.i.c burns

Microwave eggs explode on the woman’s face, causing terrible burns

Bethany Rosser, 22, claims she followed a recipe which said it was safe to boil eggs in a microwave

A woman says that she is almost blind in one eye and that she suffers terrible burns in her face after the explosion of two eggs in the microwave.

22-year-old Bethany Rosser said she had sustained serious injuries after reading an online recipe saying it was safe to pass the eggs in the microwave without bursting.

The 22-year-old insurer suffered horrific facial burns

The insurer claims to have followed the instructions – added salt as indicated – and removed them from the microwave oven to cool them down after six minutes at 600 watts.

When she examined a pitcher to see if the two shell eggs were ready, they exploded with a huge bang that almost blinded her and burned her face, she said.

In a “total agony,” Bethany quickly dialed 999 as she felt overwhelmed by the cold, but she could feel her skin had already peeled off.

Bethany (pictured before the incident) has been told the burns won’t scar

She was taken to the fire department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where she was treated with wet bandages on her face and spent the night there.

Bethany’s eye is sealed shut as she recovers in hospital 


According to Bethany, doctors still can not tell if their eye has been permanently damaged because it is tightly closed due to swelling.

She stays in the hospital, where she feels “good, but nervous, because I’m not sure I can look out of this eye when the swelling subsides”.

Bethany of Redditch, Worcestershire, added that she had been informed that the burns would not leave scars – but she could expect long-term skin discoloration.

Bethany says she boiled the eggs in the microwave for six minutes

She said, “I had lunch and googled before work to see if you could cook boiled eggs in the microwave.

“There are countless YouTube websites and videos to tell.

Bethany says “it felt like my skin was being ripped off”

“On the one hand, you can heat the eggs in the microwave provided you add salt to the eggs in the water so they do not break.

“So of course I added salt.

“The instruction was to keep the eggs in the microwave for six to eight minutes, and I carefully took six and took them out.

“When I looked in the pot to see if the eggs were cooked, they hit me in the face.

“It only happened when I took it out, the eggs were in the microwave.

“As soon as I took it out and closed the door of the microwave, they suddenly burst.

“I was alone, so I called 999 who sent an ambulance while I ran cold water and splashed it in my face.

“When I splashed, I could see my skin coming off.

Bethany says she was injured while the eggs were cooling

“It was terrible, I was in agony, I could feel for hours how much my skin was burned – even during my treatment at the hospital.

“I felt like my skin was peeling off, it was so scary.

“I have never been so scared of my life – I shuddered and cried.

“An ambulance took me to the hospital and covered my face with wet bandages.

“The paramedics and then the hospital staff tried to see if I had permanent damage to the eyes, but they could not tell because it was too inflated.

“I have been told that burns should not leave scars, but I should expect some discoloration.

“Yesterday’s accident is the worst thing that has happened to me so far, probably the worst day of my life so far.

“And to believe that the damage is done to my face and to my eyes, every body focuses primarily on his face, and now I risk scarring and potentially damaged vision – over the eggs.”

Bethany said she received instructions from a recipe website last week.

Eggs can be microwaved by placing them in a microwaveable bowl of water for six to eight minutes, depending on the power of the microwave.

Crucially, the site advises readers to add salt because it “ensures that the egg does not explode and although it looks innocuous, the eggs that explode are VERY BAD”.

He then says: “We are talking about pieces of volcanic ice and shards of sharp shells that fly everywhere, avoid salt at your own risk!”

Injured Bethany, who has prepared a standard one-liter pot of water in the microwave, says she added salt because she did not want the eggs to explode.

She said that since she told her friends and family about it, she said she was not the only person who exploded eggs.

Bethany said, “I have a cousin who did the same, luckily for her, the explosion happened in the microwave, not in the face.

“There is also a family friend whose eggs broke when he took them out of the microwave – but fortunately they did not hit him in the face.”

She added, “This is clearly dangerous because many people have had the same explosion of eggs in the microwave, which I honestly would not risk.

“That’s why I’m so bothered by the recipe website because it literally says that it will not happen if you do it, well, I did it – and that’s fine with me. always arrived.

“I’ll never cook eggs in the microwave again and I hope no one else will.”


Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk