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Men develop these feelings when a woman makes the first move

The first move should not matter. Unfortunately, it matters to ladies. They never want to make the first move because of what guys may think. By the way, do guys feel awkward about a girl coming to them first? Guys have great feelings when girls make the first approach.


1. He feels Attractive

Men don’t get the accolade they deserve. They only praise the ladies for their beauty without a replicating effort. Most times, they feel non-attractive to the opposite $ex.

Therefore, when a lady approaches a guy first, He feels excited that he can attract a lady to his side. He will keep thinking of his attractiveness to her and will be proud of himself.

2. He becomes astonished by your Confident

Ladies, when you make the first move on him, he feels a rush of adrenaline down his system and will be wowed by your confidence. He will never forget the moment.

3. He believes you Love him

A woman’s expression of her emotions comes from a place of love for men.

Most men have the notion thats when a lady dares to make the first move with the knowledge that some men can take advantage of the situation, it implies that she truly loves the guy, without a doubt.

Even if the guy has an ulterior motive, He thinks the lady has already fallen in love with him.

4. Some might think she is cheap and desperate

There is always a second side to every coin. Some guys do not always think positively about a lady approaching them first.

Many guys have not experienced it before. Therefore, when such effort is made towards them for the first time, the thought in their minds may not be a positive one.

Some guys may consider her cheap. They wonder how a lady will stoop so low in making the first move.

All their lives, the reverse has always been the case, so most guys will think she is desperate and do not put any value on herself.