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Maybe you didn’t know this: You should never eat cucumbers and tomatoes in the same salad

All natural fruits and vegetables are good for you, but you might not be aware that you’re not supposed to mix certain ones! Take cucumbers and tomatoes for example.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are awesome for our body. They are both packed full of water, antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. However, you’re not supposed to mix them at the same time! According to Ayurveda, when choosing ingredients for a salad, we should know the exact digestion time of the ingredients.

Mixing vegetables that require less time for digestion and vegetables that require more time for digestion isn’t good because the lighter ingredient will end up passing in the intestine just as the first one is completely digested. This will cause food fermentation in the stomach which may further poison the entire body. It will also slow down the digestion and the fermentation of sugars and starches and you won’t be able to enjoy your meal completely. To make matters worse, the fermentation process may cause gases, swelling, and stomach pain.

There are other food combinations, besides tomatoes and cucumbers, which you should definitely avoid. Let’s take a look:

– Fruits after a meal– fruits take a lot of time to be digested and should never remain in the stomach for a long period of time. When you eat them after a meal, you increase the chances of acid reflux and other digestive issues.
– Meat and cheese- avoid putting too much protein in one meal and opt for only one type of protein per meal.
– macaroni and cheese (and macaroni and meat)- despite its popularity, this mixture that needs to be avoided since macaroni are rich in starch, which has a different digestion time than protein, and the delay will cause fermentation and other digestive problems.
– Veggies and cheese– when you combine cheese and vegetables, you only increase the risk of bloating.
– Bread or noodles with orange juice– the acid content needed to digest the juice may destroy the enzyme in charge of the starch digestion.
– Melon and watermelon- these fruits are meant to be consumed alone, not in combination with other fruits.
– Bananas and milk- this combination is known to slow down digestion.
– Fruits and yogurt– although this combination is a well-known breakfast combo, it slows down the digestion and harms the intestinal flora.