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Many people are cooking beef with these ingredients without knowing that they cause harm to some organs in the body. Stop immediately!

These ingredients cause harm to some organs in your but many people are cooking beef with them! Stop immediately!

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Many people think that a portion of delicious food that contains all ingredients make it taste good in the mouth.

If you have been eating a meal due to the sweet taste you get from it then you are digging your grave.

Some food may taste nice but they are dangerous to our system. This is because most of the ingredients that are used in cooking the food can cause harm to some organs.

Some people suffer from cancєr, diabetes, cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, ulcer, liver problems, kidney problems and many more.

That’s because of the type of meals they consumed in the past. In this article, we will share with you three ingredients you should avoid when cooking your stew. This will help to reduce the risk of certain health problems.

1. Artificial colours

To make the stew look colourful, many women usually add artificial colours to their stew without knowing the side effect of artificial. This ingredient contains excess artificial preservatives and sodium which increase the risk of cancєr, heart disease and diabetes. Instead, you should use enough fresh red tomatoes to prepare your meals.

2. Artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners enhance food’s taste. You should reduce the number of seasoning and artificial spices you use in preparing your delicious stew. Excess seasoning in a meal increases the risk of heart situation like heart attack, BP, or other related health complications.

Artificial sweeteners contain Monosodium glutamate that enhances the flavour, it is also available in canned ingredient, soups, and processed meats. Instead of using excess artificial spices to prepare your meal, you should prepare your food with enough stock or smoked fish to your stew to gives it a sweet taste.

3. Unhealthy oil

You should mind the type of oil your use in preparing your stew if you want to live longer. There are a lot of unhealthy oils in the market today, using them to prepare your meal increases your chances of suffering heart problems.

If you want to prepare a nice stew, you should get an oil that has low or no cholesterol. Vegetable oil with high cholesterol in the human system increases the risk of health problems that are associated with the heart and liver.

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