Maggie, ‘The Oldest Dog In The World’ Has Died

Usually, older dogs live between 10 and 13 years old. Most people agree that reaching 13 or even 15 years is an excellent and commendable achievement for a healthy dog. Maggie, a beautiful Australian Kelpie whose breed is on average 12 or 15 years old, has exceeded all expectations and died peacefully at the age of 30.

Incredible, it’s been about 210 years in dog years!
Maggie has spent most of her life happy and active with her owner Brian on a farm. Although he has no official document proving his age, he claims that she was 30 years old.

The previous record holder for dogs was 29 years old and died in 1939

Brian explained that Maggie was still a happy dog, loved living on the farm and spending time with her human family.

She was still athletic and remained active until the end.

She still patrolled the farm and took her daily walks around the neighborhood.
Maggie even still took time to growl playfully at the local cats; however, she had many feline friends as well.

Although deeply saddened, Brian is happy and relieved that Maggie did not suffer in her final days and was able to take her last few breaths comfortably and peacefully. It will be difficult of course, especially at first, to get used to not having her around, but he is immensely thankful for this amazing miracle of a long, full life.

He definitely realizes and appreciates how lucky they both are.