7 reasons why low-maintenance friendships are the best

Shoutout to low-maintenance friends

7 reasons why low-maintenance friendships are the best

What is a low maintenance friend?

This is the person you do not need to call regularly to find out what she is preparing. It is the person who, although far away, remembers your importance to her, even though your relationship may change.

This is the person with whom you do not get angry when you have not heard in a long time. But once you’ve met, it’s like seeing you yesterday.

Celebrate this special friendship by reviewing 7 reasons why low maintenance friendships are the best!

1. They encourage each other

They may not be interested in what they like or how they spend their time, but they are happy to have a hobby / passion that fills them. Likewise, they do not always share the same enthusiasm as you, but they are happy that you have found someone who loves them.

2. You never hesitate to ask yourself.

Some friends often think of something before asking them if they want to hang out with you or relax. But you should never be dealing with your favorite friend because you know you always find time for each other.

3. You can talk about everything

Their most precious secrets, as well as their shits, their sex, their rules, their fart and literally everything else. They do not judge you because they accept everything as a human being, so you can continue as if you were talking about the weather.

4. Your friendship is free of dramas

You know very well that not everyone has the time to do unnecessary tragedies – and it concerns you both.

5. Time flies when you are together

When you both go out, the time passes by the speed of light, because you have to catch up a lot, while having fun and enjoying the most moments shared.

6. When the situation becomes difficult, you are immediately for each other
Whether one of you breaks with your partner, you lose your job or one of your loved ones dies – he will always be by your side when it really matters.

7. You do not panic

They will not do it and will not block you on social media. You forgive. If we want the forgiveness of others, we must finally be ready to forgive, right? You know, who is without sin can cast the first stone.

And that’s where the true friendship lies!

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