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Little boy tells cop he’s selling lemonade to buy new shoes. Hours later cop returns

A police officer in Connecticut made a difference in the life of a young boy through an act of kindness that has gone viral on social media last September 3, 2022.

According to the Facebook post by Wendelyn Narvaez, her grandson, who is in grade school, started a lemonade stand. Aside from the thirst-quenching drink, he also offered cookies and brownies.

As the little boy was selling his refreshing drink, a police officer approached him. That’s Officer Joel Perez, who is a former military police officer and was recently hired by the Ansonia Police Department in March according to a post on the Ansonia Police Department’s Facebook page.

The officer was making small talk with the boy when he asked him what he would do with the money he made from the sales.

Little Landen replied he was saving money so he could buy brand new blue sneakers for school.

Officer Perez asked for the boy’s size and then left.

After a few hours, Landen was still selling lemonade. Then he noticed someone familiar.

It turned out the officer returned with a new pair of blue sneakers for the boy.

A photograph of that moment was shared on Narvaez’s Facebook account where she wrote, ​“Landen was surprised and couldn’t believe it,” Narvaez wrote.

“I am honored to work for such great community. Giving back is not only a blessing but a daily reminder of where I came from. Landen, I hope you enjoy your new sneakers and never forget how great of a kid you are. May God bless you and continue protecting you and your family!” said Officer Perez as he shared their viral photo.

Ansonia Police Chief Wayne Williams reacted to Perez’s kindness after it went viral on social media and wrote an email, ​“These are the types of officers that we are all looking to hire,” Williams wrote.

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