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“Chastity Cages” is the Latest Thing for Men

“Chastity Cages” is the Latest Thing for Men

Ladies… does your boyfriend or husband have any problems with being faithful? Sometimes just saying you’ll leave him once he cheats isn’t enough to keep trash in his pants. Perhaps a more drastic measure, as drastic as locking one’s member in a cage, is needed.

Could “specially designed cages” be the answer?

These cages were originally designed for “kinkier” purposes. Once the member is locked in one of these, it will prevent him from getting stiff or using his member to fight. Nor will he be able to amuse himself.

While most men would cringe at the thought of their members being “trapped” in these cages, those who want a more intimate life will find this interesting and beneficial.

Preventing release can be exciting or satisfying for them.

See, some men will swear that controlling or denying release can actually enhance their performance by improving their focus.

These cages have a lock, which can be given to a trusted “key holder” to “keep safe”.

In this situation, the wife or girlfriend will have control over their male members by “holding the key to their pleasure”.

It’s completely natural for people to think that these cages are designed for men following certain lifestyles, but obviously straight men can benefit from this too.

The men who actually used these special cages were interviewed and their experiences were really interesting. One of the users really loves not being able to get out because of the control it gives him over his urges.

One user revealed that being caged by his wife was surprisingly more enjoyable and satisfying than he expected. The aspect of rejecting the poison creates an intense stimulation that in turn improves their lives.

The device also prevents husbands and boyfriends from wasting energy and plated sex drive. In a serious relationship, all energy and vitality should be concentrated on the wife or girlfriend.

It also ensures that the man will not cheat. In a committed relationship, male chastity makes it impossible for them to act on these promptings, which forces the man to be faithful.