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Learn To Love Without Condition

In this life, people have a lot of lessons to learn. One of the important lessons is to learn how to love unconditionally, sincerely and from the bottom of your heart.
That love shows when you never hurt your loved ones. You do not use bad words to attack them, because you understand that bad words can hurt people very much, and you should always be careful choosing your words properly.
That love also shows when you give something to someone without a reason. It is simply that you want to share your love and you want to help other people. It starts from your own side and your willingness, not because of any other reason.
And above all, that love is when you care about someone without the expectation of paying back. You always love other people and you can see the good points from them. Your heart is full of love and you just want to share that love with everyone. All you want is to give, to share with other people in order to make this world a better and a beautiful place to live.