Ladies, please stop wasting your time looking for Mr. Right

Ladies, please stop wasting your time looking for Mr. Right, just find Mr. Left and drag the idiot to the right.

Ladies should not waste their time to look for Mr. Right, but spend time on looking for suitable men and make the changes for a happy life.

We always set the expectation for our partner; however, no one has been able to find a perfect partner who can meet all of the requirements. To tell the truth, that kind of partner is quite rare and always be surrounded by thousand of his/her admirers. So why should we waste our time to struggle for the unncessary thing?

Imagine that you have gained his/her heart, are you sure that you are perfect enough to deserve him/her. Do you wonder you will sometimes feel low self-esteem in front of your beloved?

The most important thing which is always forgotten is to find the suitable partner who you love. Then, you both should make the change to shorten the gap.

The perfect partner will not always make you happy. However, a suitable partner will surely make you feel loved. What you should do is to spend time to understand him/her and make the change to be half of each other.