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Ladies, if you do any of these things, a man will consider you a ᴄʜᴇᴀᴘ ᴡᴏᴍᴀɴ

There are a lot of problems with keeping a relationship, Also maintaining a relationship is very hard and this is because that woman you love so dearly might be too cheap for another man to easily gain access to her. Dear Men, Here are signs that A woman is cheap.


1. A cheap lady will only be collecting money from her boyfriend but can’t spend on him once.

2. A cheap girl can’t spend an ordinary N100 recharge card to call her man but often flashes.

3. A cheap woman always asks her man to take her shopping.

4. A cheap lady eats on every occasion she attends even if her boyfriend also attends.

5. A cheap girl is a gold digger.

6. A cheap woman cheats on her man, sleeps with his 5 friends because of money.

7. A cheap lady always visits her boyfriend to spend his riches and have ѕєχ with him.

8. A cheap girl is a woman who can’t cook ordinary noodles.

9. A cheap woman uses clothes to package herself to look beautiful.

10. A cheap girl always looks for makeup to look adorable.

11. A cheap lady eats with her ten fingers.

12. A cheap woman accepts for her supervisor to sleep with her first to secure a job.

13. A cheap lady sleeps with her lecturer to get high marks in school.

15. A cheap woman won’t be shy of doing anything in public.

16. A cheap lady insults her boyfriend for not having money when she asks for it.

17. A cheap woman brings another man to her matrimonial home to sleep with her.

18. A cheap lady leaves his father’s house to sleep with her boyfriend.

19. A cheap girl asks men to subscribe for her on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter to be able to browse the internet.

20. A cheap lady is the one reading this article but can’t share it because she has one of the aforesaid signs.