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Kind Boy Gives 3 Bags Of Designer Clothe To Bullied Classmate Who Wore The Same Outfit To School Each Day

Kind Boy Gives 3 Bags Of Designer Clothe To Bullied Classmate Who Wore The Same Outfit To School Each Day

When Brayden noticed his classmate being bullied each day for wearing the same clothes to school, he decided one day pull him aside and surprise him with three full bags of new, name-brand clothes.

Brayden explained that while they’re not “super close” friends, his heart was broken seeing one of his peers being bullied for something he could do nothing about.

“He’s one of my friends but we’re not super close,” Brayden wrote. “he gets bullied and hit weekly and it’s heart breaking cause there’s nothing he can do about it; he’s dealing with financial issues.”

He also recalled that for the entire last school year, his friend had only two outfits to wear as his family couldn’t afford to buy new clothes.

The helper stated that he does not want the boy’s name in the media as he shared how he was a big subject of ridicule among his peers.

One day, he took the young boy to a place in the school and presented the bags of new outfits to him.

The things he gave the boy.  Brayden told him:

“You got joggers, these are all Nike, Adidas and Hollister shirts. A Hollister sweatshirt, it’s all really nice. And you have more joggers in here. And, I even bought you a Champion sweatshirt, so… this is yours. And… this is all yours bro. You can keep the bag.”

After hearing about Brayden’s act of kindness and his classmate’s difficult situation, numerous compassionate people online started a fundraiser for [Anon.] and have raised more than $7,000 for the young man and his family. Brayden was both surprised and deeply grateful for the generosity coming from so many strangers.

A kid became his mother’s comforter

Meanwhile, We earlier reported that a 13-year-old boy, William Preston, did not like the way his mother was going through life’s tough challenges as a single mother of three.

As a way to help his mother, William got a job as a land mower as part of a plan to get his mother a vehicle.

When the teen came home one day and told his mother that he had got her a car, the woman laughed it off and said “ya, right!”

Bullying is a terribly difficult experience for children to deal with in school, and high percentages of youth suicides are attributed to being bullied by their peers. The children who do the bullying are often bullied and abused themselves at home; perpetuating a heart-breaking cycle of hurt, abuse and pain.

Brayden’s act of kindness not only gave his classmate the clothes he needed to fit in, but it showed him that he is accepted, loved, and a valuable person in Brayden’s life. We hope that he will carry this love from a true friend with him, and surely this act of kindness is one which he will never forget.

You are Loved.

Watch the following video of Brayden giving his classmate three bags of nice new clothes:

Source: understandingcompassion.com, legit.ng