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Just Do These 6 Things More Often, And Your Weight Gain Hormones Will Be Turned Off Completely

Just Do These 6 Things, Your Weight Gain Hormones Will Be Turned Off Completely

Although losing weight is in no way an easy process, there are some hormones which make us gain weight that can be “turned off”.

Shutting off these hormones is possible, and we’re going to show you how.

Here are 6 main ways to “turn off” your weight gain hormones

1. Remove sugar from your diet

Sugar is sneaky because it shows up in many forms in many foods. Getting rid of it entirely can be a challenge in label reading. However, it may be the best thing you can do to turn off your weight gain hormone insulin.

Insulin is most closely associated with diabetes, which affects millions of people worldwide. The pancreas produces insulin to help digest sugars that you eat. High insulin levels in your blood can affect your likelihood of weight gain.

Insulin helps glucose to be absorbed by the cells and stored as energy, which is why you can gain weight when you have more sugar in your diet. Storing energy in fat cells is not what you need to turn off weight gain.

2. Avoid grains

Consuming grains often can slow down your thyroid hormone production, which almost always results in weigh gain. Check your thyroid hormone levels more often and try to reduce the consumption of grains.

3. Reduce stress and drink less coffee

One or two cups of coffee per day is fine, but anything more than that can raise the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and make you gain weight faster. Constant stress can do the same, so try to limit your caffeine consumption and learn how to relax in order to lose weight.

4. Eliminate soy products from your diet

Soy products can block the estrogen production in the body and throw your hormones off balance, so make sure not to eat them often.

5. Eat less dairy (hormone free dairy might not do the trick)

Hormone-free dairy products aren’t necessarily a safe means of avoiding extra hormones that cause weight gain.

The dairy industry has responded to public pressure to provide hormone-free dairy products to consumers. Research shows that eating animal hormones may trigger early development in teenage girls and boys.

Nutritional and medical experts have realized that the milk that cows and other animals provide is meant to grow and raise their own young, not humans. Avoid these non-human hormones that can mess with your own.

6. Consume more protein

Increase your protein intake to start building muscle and make your body burn more fat in the process.

Other Lifestyle Changes To Help Regulate Hormones

– Regular meal times
– Exercise
– Get enough sleep
– Reduce your stress
– Stop smoking
– Stay hydrated
– Avoid certain foods: sugary or processed foods, fast foods
– Getting enough light exposure