Jon Bon Jovi opened two solidarity restaurants where people without resources can eat without paying

Jon Bon Jovi opened two solidarity restaurants where people without resources can eat without paying

Jon Bon Jovi is a man who has several facets: he is one of the most influential rockers in the music business, he was an actor in renowned series like Ally McBeal, he has been chosen several times one of the most attractive artists and is also , a very active political activist. However, he is less named for his solidarity role, although he stands out a lot in that regard: he owns two restaurants where people without resources can eat without paying.

Before arriving in South America in the framework of his This House Is Not For Sale tour, wants to tell you about his project, which has already served 104,800 meals. At the end of the article you will find a bonus with other not-so-known data of this amazing musician.

“Everyone is welcome at our table”

Soul Kitchen (“Soul Kitchen”), is the name of the nonprofit enterprise managed by the JBJ Foundation, an organization headed by the artist and which bears his initials. There, the dishes do not have a price, and paying the bill is optional. Those who can do so pay a USD 20 donation for food, and those who are not, are also invited to enter, eat and later volunteer in the kitchen.

According to the restaurant’s website, 51% of the meals served were paid with donations, and the remaining 49%, through the voluntary work of people without financial resources. That is why one of his mottos is: “Everyone is welcome at our table.”

Bon Jovi’s love for New Jersey

The first of these stores was opened in October 2011, in the Red Bank area, in New Jersey, the city where Bon Jovi was born and named his fourth studio album released in 1988. The second was opened in 2016, near Toms River, a municipality heavily hit by Hurricane Sandy, which shook the country in 2012.

“Our mission has always been to achieve positive change and address the problems of hunger and homelessness,” said the author of hits like You Give Love to Bad Name and Livin ’on a Prayer by opening his second restaurant. “There are no prices on our menu. Then, he who has needs participates. And that means tidying up the table, washing a plate or working in our gardens, ”he added.

No reservations and sitting at shared tables

No reservations are required to eat at Soul Kitchen. Diners are placed in order of arrival at shared tables, even with strangers, which also facilitates social interaction between all who approach, regardless of their economic situation. Those who are most in need of a hot plate always have priority to sit.

A three-course menu with organic and nutritious ingredients

The menu consists of three dishes based on regional American cuisine that are modified every 10 days or so. The menu includes an entrance consisting of soup or salad, a main dish with white or red meat, fish, a vegetarian and gluten-free option, and, finally, a dessert that varies according to seasonal products. The dishes use nutritious and organic ingredients from the garden itself and from the farm that the enterprise has.

The meal menu can be observed on the Internet.

Housing and roof to “break the cycle of poverty”

In addition to restaurants, the JBJ Foundation built homes in the city of Philadelphia for people in street situations, including youth and war veterans. It also financed a building that helps teenage mothers and their children, and a shelter to provide beds and medical care to homeless people.

“Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty, hunger and homelessness through the development of partnerships, the creation of programs and the granting of grants to organizations of community benefit,” indicates the foundation promoted by the star of the Rock and his wife, Dorothea Hurley.

The non-profit organization also promoted a program that teaches those who are not employed to write resumes, to develop skills to perform well in interviews and provides free labor, financial and legal advice.

His mother, Carol Sharkey, was one of the first bunnies in Playboy magazine. He was responsible for his son’s love for music.

Bonus: little known or remembered data about Bon Jovi

  • His mother, Carol Sharkey, was one of the first bunnies in Playboy magazine. He was responsible for his son’s love for music.
  • His real name is John Francis Bongiovi Jr.
  • The first professional recording he made was in 1980, for an album called Christmas in the Stars, which mixed Christmas songs with those of the Star Wars saga. Bon Jovi’s cousin was co-owner of the studio in which this record was recorded, and recommended him to participate in one of the songs.
  • He won a Golden Globe in 1991, in the category “Best Original Song” for his song Blazes of Glory, which was part of the film Young Gunmen II. That year he was also nominated for the Oscar Awards, but the statuette was taken by Madonna for Sooner or Later, the song that was the musical curtain of Dick Tracy.
  • Suffers ocular hypersensitivity to light. Nor does it tolerate tobacco smoke, and that is why it usually uses sunglasses.
  • He is an admirer of Frank Sinatra, also born in New Jersey. He used to have a picture of the late singer in his dressing room during the shows. The phrase of the song It’s my life that says “Like Frankie said, i did it my way” (“As Frankie said, I did it my way”), refers to the nickname with which they called Sinatra, and one of His emblematic compositions.

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