Japanese Artist Hand-Carves Pearls Into Exquisite ‘Fairy Skulls’

Japanese artist sculpts beads in refined “fairy skulls”

Have you ever seen something as delicate and beautiful as these hand-carved beads? So exquisite!

Tokyo’s Shinji Nakaba has been creating unique jewelry since 1974. Unlike other artists, everything he creates is completely portable.

In fact, Nakaba calls his creations “portable sculptures” and uses unconventional materials for most of them. These skulls of finely carved pearls are just one example of his extraordinary work.

“I just want to bring something new to life that has no value,” Nakaba told Magnifico. In his Etsy profile, he explains: “I use not only precious metals and stones, but also everyday objects, such as aluminum beer cans, plastic bottles or even rubbish.”

 After Nakaba carved these skull sculptures of coral, crystal, ivory and precious stones, he discovered pearls without a soul. The absence of core allows a more uniform cutting without the problem of crushing or peeling.

On his website, Nakaba says the following about his pearl skull sculptures:

“I’ve experimented with different types of skull carving materials, but the ones I carved are by far the best in terms of durability, and I’ve also found the contradiction between the pristine pearls in these pearls. objects transformed into something even more attractive, I would call them fairy skulls.

Only pearls can realize my idea of ​​transient beauty. ”

Do not forget to check out Shinji Nakaba’s website and discover her other wonderful creations such as aluminum pieces, necklaces, rings and brooches. He even has a department for Ikebana jewelry – a disciplined art form of arranging flowers accurately.

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