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It doesn’t matter if your house is Large or Small, as long as these 4 places at home are clean. Then you don’t need to worry about poverty

In feng shui, these 4 areas are known as the four pillars in the house. The cleaner they are, the more wealth they will attract to the house.

The main door area and entrance to the house should be clean

In feng shui, the entrance is the most important, the main door and entrance are places that connect luck for the homeowner.

Feng shui experts advise keeping the porch and entrance to the house clean and free of clutter. If you open the door and have a clean porch, luck and fortune will come to the homeowner.

The kitchen area should be kept clean

According to feng shui, the kitchen is a place to store food and is also considered an important financial position in the family. When you regularly cook, food sources are abundant and natural, and fortune will be born from there.

Therefore, if the kitchen is not kept clean, both contaminating food and affecting the health of family members, the god of wealth will gradually leave here and luck will disappear. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should clean your kitchen area thoroughly, which is both good for your health and good for the money and fortune of all family members.

The restroom area needs to be clean

The toilet is the place with the most moisture concentration in the house and is easy to breed bacteria. Cleaning it can help keep the ventilation in the long run, allowing everyone to live better.

If the toilet is dirty, it will absorb many germs, be abandoned by luck and fortune, and wealth will gradually disappear. Therefore, you need to keep the toilet clean, which is both good for your health and good for feng shui.

Balcony area or back door

In feng shui, the balcony area or back door of the house is a place to protect and shield the house from disasters such as loss of money. Therefore, you always need to keep this place clean so that life in the house always flows smoothly and everything goes smoothly.

Therefore, this area should be regularly cleaned by the homeowner so that more wealth in the house can flow into the house.

On the contrary, if you leave the balcony or back door area clogged with waste, it can easily cause bacteria to grow, affecting the health of family members.