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At night, if your husband shows these 4 unusual signs, it proves that in his heart, you are always number 1

If you want to know if that person truly loves you or not, look at what he does rather than listen to what he says. There are actions that seem to be unintentional but show the deep feelings that person has for their partner.

Stealing a kiss from his wife

After a tiring day of work, men will fall asleep when they return to bed and don’t want anyone to wake them up and ruin their moment of rest. However, when he loves his wife deeply, when he returns to bed, he wants to take advantage of every moment to be affectionate, close, and whisper to his wife all the thoughts in his heart. Even when his wife was asleep, he quietly lay face to face to see her face.

When emotions overflow, he wants to express his feelings for his wife, but is afraid of waking her from sleep, so he just quickly kisses her on the forehead, or brushes her lips to satisfy his longing. heart. Then he quietly lay down next to her as if protecting the sleep of the woman he loved.

Massage for wife

When in love, a man will devote all his energy to taking care of his woman. Not only does he want to take care of his wife’s material life, comfort and happiness, but her health is also his top concern.

Every time he returns to the bedroom, instead of lying down playing video games or surfing the internet, he will spend time taking care of and massaging his wife to help her relax and reduce pressure after a long, tiring day.

Gently hug his wife in his arms

It is said that nothing is as cruel as time, over the years everything will fade away, marriage is no exception. When in love, a man can promise and express his feelings in an extremely passionate and intense way, making you feel like you are his entire world.

However, when entering married life, for many reasons such as pressure from life, work as well as other external temptations, most men reduce their attention to their wives. Not only will words of love gradually become less, but even kisses and hugs will become increasingly absent between two people.

Don’t let your wife stay up at night alone

Men often eat and sleep easily. Just lay down on the bed and men can immediately fall asleep. Especially for heartless men, just by laying their head on the pillow, they will “pull wood” until morning without caring about how their wife lies next to them, whether they sleep well or not.

On the contrary, if he loves his wife, every sleep of his partner will be cherished because he understands that sleep is his wife’s health. When he returns to bed, seeing his wife tossing and turning and having difficulty falling asleep, he will find every way to help her sleep well. He is even willing to stay up with his wife to confide in and encourage her to help her feel less lonely and empty late at night. Only when his wife sleeps well will he sleep peacefully. Only when he loves his wife with all his heart can a man do that.