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In Memory of our loved ones who left us too soon


In memory of all those who left us too soon. We remember you in the morning, in the night, when we look at the stars, a song, a place, a smell. You are always with us. ♡

Our loved ones never really leave us when they pass away…

They try to contact us through various mediums and you should look out for the signs listed below in order to understand what they are trying to say.

1. Through dreams
When we sleep, our vibrational energy increases and corresponds with the higher energy of the spirits. Our subconscious minds are far more receptive when we sleep. That’s why spirits can easily influence us during this time. The dreams of a deceased loved one are usually very vivid and less dreamlike. There’s also a possibility that you’ll remember these dreams after waking up.

If you get such dreams, then you should pay attention to them because it might be a message from beyond the grave.

2. Scents
Spirits communicate through smell, touch, taste, vision, and sound. For example, if you smell a perfume that your loved one used to wear, they might have come to pay you a visit. You can also see them manifest before your eyes, or hear their voice calling to you. You might also feel them brush up against your skin; the room may feel suddenly cold, like a draft from an open door or window. Finally, maybe you have a taste in your mouth from food that they used to love cooking. All of these signs point to a presence with you.

3. Misplaced items
When you place your reading glasses on your nightstand and find them on the kitchen counter, you might wonder if you’ve lost your mind. I had this happen to me repeatedly until a psychic medium friend clued me in to what was really happening. A family friend who often visited me liked to play pranks on me, similar to the things she did in life. It made me feel much better knowing it was Betty and not the first signs of dementia.

Others might find more obvious signs, like a photo of the departed loved one that refuses to remain upright or a piece of jewelry that continues to turn up in odd places. This is especially significant if the jewelry or item once belonged to the person who is visiting you.

4. Songs
Sometimes you can also receive a message in the form of songs. You might be driving and playing your choice of music in the car and suddenly you realize that the songs being played are not so randomly arranged. If you see some pattern in them then it is definitely your guardian spirit that is trying to pass along a message to you.