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If Your Phone Falls In The Water, In The Sea Or In The Toilet, Here Are 3 Tips To Save It

If Your Phone Falls In The Water, In The Sea Or In The Toilet, Here Are 3 Tips To Save It

Your phone has fallen into the water and you don’t know how to react? It is important to know the right thing to do but also the things to avoid to avoid damaging it. Three of them can cost you dearly.

Certain actions can damage your phone

When your phone falls into the water, it is important to know the gestures to adopt in order to save it from permanent extinction. But some mistakes should also be avoided in order not to compromise its condition.

1. Drying your phone

This gesture can be fatal for your device. If after dropping your phone in water, you try to dry it by spreading heat with a dryer or a heater, you risk damaging it further. It is also not recommended to place it under the sunlight in order not to damage the internal components of the device.

2. Place the phone in the freezer

This is a costly move that you should avoid. While some people wrap the device in a towel to restore its function, this does not remove the moisture inside.

3. Don’t act immediately

The worst thing to do in this situation is to wait before deploying the necessary actions to remove the water from the phone. This can lead to irreparable damage to the phone.

There are some actions you can take to save your phone

If there are things not to do, there are actions you can take quickly to avoid the permanent extinction of your phone and save it.

1. Turn off your phone

After recovering your phone from the water, it is advisable to turn it off, even if it is working normally. It is also recommended to move as little as possible if there are drops of water on its surface so that they do not get into its internal components. Then, you will have to sponge the device to remove the excess liquid.

2. Disassemble the phone

If possible, you will need to remove the SIM card, the battery and the SD card by disassembling your phone. Once again, you will have to wipe off the excess liquid where these parts are located. Be careful, it is not recommended to use a screwdriver to disassemble the device. And for good reason, you risk not being able to use your warranty if it no longer works.

3. Use the rice trick

After turning off your wet phone, it is recommended to use this ingenious technique to absorb the water that would have penetrated the circuits. To do this, first fill half a bag with rice and place the device inside. The bag must be covered for this trick to work.

Then, close the bag and place it in a dry place. It is recommended to wait 48 hours for all the moisture to be absorbed from the phone. After this, you should check that the device is free of water.

If this is the case, you will have to reintroduce all the internal components of the phone. If after using this tip, the phone does not turn on, it should be taken to a repairer.