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If Your Man Has These 9 Habits, Marry Him Right Now

If Your Man Has These 9 Habits, Marry Him Right Now

1. He pays attention to the details of what you like.

He knows your breakfast order by heart. He know kind of coffee that you like. He loves you so he notices all little things about you. The man you are going to end up with should love everything about you and should do everything he can to make sure you know it.

2. He checks in on his way home.

With a message he lets you know that he hasn’t forgotten you and that giving you from worrying about his safety.

3. He takes care of you.

When you’re moody, he stays loving until you get out of your mood. When you’re stressed, he offers to help in any way he can and rubs your feet. When you forget to eat and drink water, he feeds you and fills up your water bottle.

4. He calls during the day just to check in.

He may have a funny story to share or he might simply want to see how work is going. He can talk about anything and everything with you. He feels like He can connect with you on any topic and because of this, yours connection grows every day.

5. He Treats Those Around Him With Kindness

You can also tell a lot about him based on how he treats those around him. The man you are going to marry should be a good person — with or without you.

6. He makes time for you.

No matter how busy things get for him, he’ll never forget to set aside consistent alone time with you. If you think you’ve found the man you should spend forever with, make sure he feels the same way about you.

7. He’s responsive to each and every one of your calls and texts.

He’ll never go missing for multiple days in a row. He’s reliable. He won’t stand you up when you have plans. He’s not one to be consistently late because he cares enough to be on time.

8. He doesn’t keep in touch with ex-girlfriends.

He knows that once a relationship is over, there is no good that can come from staying in close contact, particularly once he’s in a new relationship.

9. He’s Hilarious

He make you laugh all the time, and you should find him funny.Laughter is an important part of a healthy relationship and it helps you connect. Even if no one else does, you should find your partner fun and funny — it’ll make your life so much better in the long-term