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If Your Husband Does These 10+ Things, It’s a Forever Thing

If Your Husband Does These 10+ Things, It’s a Forever Thing

1. Appreciate it and show it.

It’s not hard to say thank you, and your partner knows it. He tells you how much he likes you being his girlfriend.

2. He makes sure you know how beautiful you are.

But he does more than just tell you, he makes you feel, and he won’t stop until he’s sure you know how beautiful you are.

3. He keeps it interesting.

He takes the time to do little things in your relationship that make it that much more interesting.

4. He tells you directly about his plans for your future together.

Your Forever Boy will not be afraid to make sure you are involved in the plans he has for your future.

5. He does things in his life in order to plan for your future.

He saves for long-term things, and works with you to make sure you have the future you want. He does things to improve himself in order to improve your relationship for the long term.

6. He lets you know that he is fully committed to you and ready to settle down when the time is right…just in case planning for the future isn’t enough forever.

7. He is not shady with other girls.

Your partner will not put you in a situation where you have to question his intentions with other girls, and he will not make you insecure about your relationship. If your partner is a forever thing, he wouldn’t make you feel second best to other girls.

8. He trusts you completely.

He trusts the decisions you make and supports them. He trusts that you won’t go out for a girls’ night out and hook up with another guy. It’s the big things and the little things he trusts you with that show he’s a forever thing.

9. Everyone knows how in love with you he is.

His family knows, his friends know, even the random people at the mall know. They can see it when the two of you are together. They know just by looking at the way he looks at you and his body language around you that he is crazy in love.

10. He is open about his love for you.

Games are for kids. Your partner knows this, so he doesn’t want you to have to guess where the two of you are. He wants you to know that he’s in love with you and that things are going well because you shouldn’t have to guess.