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If You Were Once Chᴇᴀted On By Your Man, Say These Things To Them

It can be challenging when you have to find the appropriate words to say to a man who has badly harmed you, especially if you want to make them know the suffering they caused.

That’s why we are here to share with you interesting ideas on how to send at least one painful message to a cheating man.

While the language isn’t entirely cordial, you will be simply speaking what is necessary.

1. I’ve always thought that meeting you was a blessing. I thought my forever was with you. Now I know that forever expired the moment you bedded the first woman that came your way.

2. You are probably feeling on top of the world after that disgusting way you broke my heart. And to think that I gave myself to a chronic pig. You stink.

3. We’ve always had problems but you topped them all with this act. It’s terrible to know that when you inform her of your whereabouts, you’re probably cheating on her as well. Shame on you.

4. My love was nothing more than a game to you. But with this betrayal, there’s no second chance.

5. You’ve made many mistakes in this relationship but I let them slide because I assumed you didn’t mean them. Now I understand your love was elsewhere, that’s why you easily have me crap. Thank God we’re not together anymore

6. I hate you for cheating on me, but I hate myself for committing my years to a cheat.

7. I can’t believe I was about to make a grave mistake by marrying you. Where is the connection we shared? Oh, you destroyed it for some pleasure.

8. I’m wondering how you’re going to tell your family that we’re done. I hope for once you’ll be honest about your betrayal. Tell them you gave up on this relationship first.

9. So it’s true that people can’t change; they can only hide who they truly are but for a while. Thank you for showing me how hypocritical you are.

10. You lied when you said you had no choice, and you never planned to cheat. You could have told me about your temptations, or at least, avoided the situation altogether.