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If you notice this on her bŐdy, it’s the physical sign that she just had intimαcy with someone else

If you notice this on her bŐdy, it’s the physical sign that she just had intimacy with someone else

1. She looks distracted, and her hair is a mess

Her appearance will tell you if she just slept with someone else. She better have a good explanation as to why her hair is a mess, or else it would mean that she slept with someone else and forgot to tidy herself up.

Another thing to look out for is her clothes. If she had a change of clothes in the middle of the day, you should start asking questions. Someone cannot be distracted without reason, so you should be concerned when your girlfriend is not paying attention.

As her boyfriend, you ought to know about anything that is worrying her. If she is distracted, but you don’t know of any issue warranting it, then it could be that she is cheating.

2. She stops giving you attention

Both of you should show each other affection and be caring towards the other no matter what. Once she stops giving you attention like she used to, she may be sleeping with someone else.

You will start to notice that she is no longer around most of the time, and you can’t explain her whereabouts. If she keeps appearing and disappearing at odd hours, it is because she has found someone else. She no longer wishes to have a bond with you, and she will tend to need more alone time than usual.

3. You catch her lying about who she is with and where she is at

Lying is bad because it dents relationship standards. If you catch your girlfriend lying about her location, it could mean she no longer cares about what happens to the relationship. She probably has someone she cares about more than you, and that is why she is not safeguarding the trust with you.

4. She never picks up her phone, and it is always in silent mode

There should be no secrecy in how people in love use their phones.

If all of a sudden your girlfriend does not want you to touch her phone, then something sinister could be going on. One of the signs your girlfriend is sleeping with someone else is if she panics when she sees you operating her phone. She will even go with the phone to the bathroom.

5. She wants to know where you are all the time

She will be enquiring about your schedule not because she cares about you but because she wants to know the best time to cheat on you. She will make plans to be with someone else while you are away and come home when you are around.

She will insist that you meet only at certain times and specific locations. She is probably afraid that you may catch her in the act hence she gets worked up when you don’t stick to your schedule.

6. She can’t stop texting late at night

Interacting with friends and colleagues should be done during the day, while nighttime should be devoted to your partner. This is not just to avoid trust issues but also to show your partner that he is the most important thing to you.