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If you have shortness of breath when walking or working along with these signs, check your blood ASAP

An artery is a type of blood vessel that transports blood to your legs, arms, and other areas of your body. When your arteries are healthy, your blood will flow smoothly throughout your body.

Unfortunately, plaque can build up in your arteries and damage your blood flow. There are a number of warning signs that may indicate that you have developed clogged arteries.

1. Feet and Leg Issues

When the arteries in your feet, legs, and other extremities become clogged, you may develop a number of issues. For example, you might feel pain in your legs or develop cold feet. In addition, injuries on your feet can take a long time to heal.

2. Shortness of breath

If the arteries that feed the coronary arteries are clogged, WebMD reports you might notice shortness of breath when walking or working.

3. Severe headaches

NIH MedlinePlus notes that if you start to have severe, unexplained headaches, they could be a sign of clogged arteries.

4. Lower back pain

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, chronic lower back pain is often an early warning sign of clogged arteries.

5. Lack of balance

If the carotid artery is being clogged, NIH MedlinePlus states that dizziness and a lack of balance may be noticed.

6. Jaw tightness

The symptoms for women are often different than men. According to Everyday Health, women may notice a “feeling of tightness in the jaw.”

7. Fatigue

Another warning sign for women, notes Everyday Health, is experiencing unexplained fatigue.

By knowing the warning signs, you may be able to prevent a stroke or heart attack. If you notice any of these signs, make an appointment with your doctor to have them checked out.