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If Someone Makes An Effort To Stay And Be There For You No Matter How Messed Up You Are

At some time in your life, there may be many people by your side. They are your family, relatives, friends, or acquaintances.
They might be with you for no reason, maybe for some reason. They can also leave at any time. There is no guarantee that your bond with them is eternal.
There are people who will always be by your side, and maintain the relationship with you. They are with you for no reason at all, they simply adore you, cherish the relationship between you and them.
Even when you are confused, you do not behave properly to them, or when you fail, feel bored, they are still with you. Or even if you don’t care about them anymore, they still try not to leave.
They understand that your feelings are just temporary. They understand that at that time, they were the ones who needed to try harder than normal.
They are true friends and true relatives. They deserve to be cherished and kept in your life.