Home Moral Stories If someone displays these 8 traits, they’re not genuine

If someone displays these 8 traits, they’re not genuine

If someone displays these 8 traits, they’re not genuine

1. They are Generally Full of Themselves

Inauthentic people like to show off and are full of themselves. They have a high opinion of themselves and they like to make sure that everyone around them sees how great are they. They are often the peacock of the group, always strutting and bragging about themselves, thinking they’re above everyone. Sometimes they’re so lost in their own bogus facade that they start believing in their own lies.

Under their facade, they might be using their bloated ego to hide their weakness. True humility comes from accepting flaws and being willing to work on your weaknesses rather than hiding them.

2. They are Intense People Pleasers

To detect a fake buddy you should be able to recognize the signs of a people pleaser. A person delivering over-the-top praises to ingratiate themselves to you. They ask a lot of questions but rarely give an answer of their own. That’s because they are reluctant to give a decisive answer which might conflict with your own.

3. They Act Nice Even When They’re Pissed Off

Sometimes, authentic people have the worst days and they don’t always act like a pinnacle of integrity. Fake people on the other hand have a smile plastered on and never admit when they’re upset. They just behave passive-aggressively, damaging you and cutting you down while pretending they’re doing well. Naturally, the truth is that everyone gets sad and loses their temper once in a while.

4. They are Manipulative and Judgmental

People who are inauthentic can be deprecating towards others, often as a way of acquiring authority. An inauthentic person will continually attempt to achieve the upper hand or win the confirmation of others by influencing those around them. But at the same time, they are unlikely to discourse any concerns head-on. Instead, they scrutinize others in order to make themselves emerge as more significant.

5. They are Only Around When They Need Something from You

A fake person is never around when you need them. When they wanted you and you were there for them, it was all smiles and sunshine. But when you need them they’re nowhere to be seen. They hang around you whenever they want something from you but the moment you need something from them, they bail.

6. They Brag Too Much and Enjoy Drama

Since the fake buddy has entered the circle, they feel entitled to brag about themselves. They seek to be in the center of the stage in conversation and are eager to get your attention. They’ll tell you all about their talents, especially the ones they’re good at.

7. Frequent Lying

Lying is indeed a strong indicator of inauthenticity. Authentic individuals are truthful, even when the truth is inconvenient or uncomfortable. They value honesty and transparency, acknowledging that these traits foster trust and understanding. Conversely, if an individual frequently resorts to lies, regardless of their magnitude, it raises questions about their authenticity. The pattern of dishonesty suggests a lack of genuine self-expression, which is a key component of authenticity. After all, authenticity thrives on truthfulness and integrity.

8. Lack of Empathy

A lack of empathy can indicate inauthenticity. If someone shows little interest in others’ emotions or experiences, they may not be truly authentic. Authenticity and empathy go hand in hand, creating a foundation for trust and mutual understanding in relationships.