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If Any Of These 5 Things Happen To You, Then You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Kαrmα

Did you know that besides your personal kαrmα, inherited from your past lives, you may be a carrier of family kαrmα ? Some people do think that new generations pay for family members belonging to older generations. Here’s how to know if this is your case, and how to stop being a carrier of family kαrmα.

What is family kαrmα?

Family kαrmα is kαrmα coming from your ancestral bloodline. The most spiritually developed will carry these ancestral ties through karmic DNA and they will be present throughout their life until they release it.

These “energetic blockages” can be passed on physically, verbally, energetically, and subconsciously.

Based on this idea, family patterns are handed down from ancestors to great-grandparents, to grandparents, to parents, then to you. This explains certain characteristics that you feel you adopted from multiple generations before you.

Are You the Carrier of Family kαrmα?

Are you doubting that you might be the carrier of your family kαrmα? Keep reading and check out the 5 signs that show you are and learn how to release it. The sooner, the better.

1. You suffer an inexplicable illness at times, and may even feel that the burdens of the world are on your shoulders.
2. You’re caught up in bizarre family matters many times.
3. You are the most spiritually developed and the most conscious among your parents and siblings.
4. You feel you’re greatly different from your family.
5. You recognize the recurring family pattern in your parents and ancestors and have the desire to change it.

How Can Someone Break Loose from Family Kαrmα?

If you recognized these traits in yourself, this is how you cut the energetic cores:

In order to release the ties from family kαrmα, you must first release them in your mind and emotions. That means you have to release yourself from your parent’s rules and illusions based on your fear and judgments. Once you do this, you will be free and able to forgive your family or instantly ‘leave your parental home’. Cutting the energetic cores means taking care of yourself and take the responsibility of your life in your hands. By saying ‘no’ to your parent’s rules and see they don’t identify with their illusions and fears, you’re starting the process of releasing. You begin to realize that it’s not their fault being trapped in their fears and illusions but their ancestors, grandparents, and parents. You see them as innocent and you learn how to love them the way they are without getting angry or annoyed by their actions or words. At the end, you will transform from being a victim and carrier of your family kαrmα and become a free individual.

If you want to transform your family’s energetic cores as well, this is what you have to do:

1. Meditate and observe yourself closely to come with the best solutions to every problem.
2. Understand their behavior and try to change it by changing your behavior towards them.
3. Be your own master, your own soulmate, the carrier of your own kαrmα and it’s likely that your parents will follow your steps and finally get out of the kαrmα circle.