I Drank Water On An Empty Stomach For A Month And Here’s What Happened

One day, tired, constantly tired, I asked myself, “What are the Japanese doing to have perfect porcelain skin and sleek, well-formed silhouettes?” Immediately after waking up each morning.

I did not know what to do to be more energetic. My skin and hair seemed dull and my body told me it was not working well.

Since I was tired of seeing doctors who told me the same thing and prescribed more and more pills, I asked about water treatment by Japan and I soon put them in practice. The results were simply incredible!

1. I felt fresh and healthy.
A few days after drinking water in the morning, I felt lighter. I could feel that my body was detoxifying more easily.

2. My metabolism has improved.
This practice has made my diet more bearable. I no longer felt the hunger that bothered me every hour. The need to eat between the two disappeared and I had more energy.

3. It helped me lose weight.
In addition to being less hungry, my digestion has stopped being slow and heavy. And more energy motivated me to train more.

4. It keeps heartburn at bay.
At one point, I suffered from indigestion and acid reflux. But after starting to drink water every morning, this problem disappeared and I did not feel so uncomfortable after every meal.

5. My skin has improved.
I’m not going to lie People told me I look older than my age. Since I started water therapy, the wrinkles in my face have decreased and my skin is now healthy, radiant and radiant!

6. My hair started to look better.
My hair was so fragile that I had to cut it twice a month. Drinking water has not only led to healthy hair growth, but has also made it incredibly brilliant!

7. I no longer have urinary tract infections.
Water treatment has solved this problem better than any antibiotic. At this point, the success is resounding and I no longer worry about painful burning sensations.

8. I have not been sick for a long time.
This simple ritual has really improved my immune system. Something as simple as drinking water on an empty stomach helped me cope with illness without the need for medication.

How can I get the most out of drinking water in the morning?

Follow this method to feel energy throughout the day:
Immediately after waking, drink four glasses of water before brushing your teeth and on an empty stomach. If you have difficulty starting four glasses, start with a drink and gradually increase it.
Do not eat for the next 45 minutes.
After 45 minutes, you can eat and drink normally.
Do not eat and drink after breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 hours.
When can I expect results?
Diabetic or hypertensive patients: 30 days.
Patients with constipation and gastritis: 10-day program.
TB patients: 90 days.