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Husband Took His Bride’s Family Name, And Here Is The Reason This Couple Reveals

Jessy Marshall, 32 and Michael Puhle, 36 are a newlywed couple who decided to challenge the tradition of the bride taking her husband’s name. Accordingly, Michael decided to take Jessy’s family name.
Jessy Marshall and Michael Puhle met in 2017 and quickly bonded. The couple dated for three years until Mike decided to propose to Jessy in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, last August.
On November 13, the two got married, and the ceremony was held beside a forest in Brunswick Heads, NSW. However, everyone was surprised that the welcoming sign read ‘Introducing Jessica and Michael Marshall’.

The couple realized that they had the courage to challenge the age-old tradition and Jessy’s ‘huge’ family who share an exceptional bond.
She said: “It felt special, it just made me feel really lucky. Michael and I always have very honest and open conversations which I think is very special – most wouldn’t have even had that style of conversation.”
So, the couple broke down what a last name should really mean, and the obvious conclusion was Marshall.
Jessy added that her family is ‘crazy, wild, and has lots of fun’, so having someone wants to become a part of her family meant so much to her.
Michael also admitted that taking his wife’s last name felt like the natural decision.
He said; “I’m comfortable enough in myself to do what I want. The actual history of taking a last name was about ownership and giving the female access – none of that matters anymore. It’s old thinking.”

Jessy’s family were more than happy to welcome Mike into their family, and they’ve been both very supportive.
Source: iheartintelligence, femalista